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I am offering: Video editing service for Short Form content. i believe, I can help you transform your raw footage into engaging and professional videos that captivate your audience. With my video editing services, I'll enhance your content to ensure it grabs more attention and retains viewers. This can help you increase your organic views by 3x to 5x with my editing skills. If you’re interested, please reply to this message and let me know. if you want to see my work sample and for more details click the link below

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Hey Jonah!
I see you’re all about turning real estate dreams into reality. How about we jazz up your listing videos to captivate more clients, especially in the competitive Toronto market? My video editing can make your property tours and client testimonials truly pop, grabbing attention and keeping potential buyers engaged.

Imagine more views, shares, and inquiries with polished, professional content. Interested in seeing some samples? Check 'em out here:

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Increase in response rate when messages are personalized
Consumers are more likely to buy when brands offer personalized experiences
Higher performance of personalized call-to-actions compared to basic CTAs

Traditional Outreach

Wasting time on generic messages that get ignored
Missing out on valuable leads and potential sales
Struggling with low response rates on LinkedIn outreach
Falling behind competitors who connect more effectively

With MagicSales.AI

Craft personalized messages 30 times faster
Achieve highly personalized, engaging LinkedIn outreach
Stand out in prospects' inboxes
Boost sales by up to 40% with a higher response rate


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I use it every day and it’s really working. I get responses to my DMs and reactions to my comments.

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Alex Halpin


Wow it's really good for me. I really really like this extension. It is so helpful for me.

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Danu Magar

Video Editor

I don't have to spend time manually personalizing my messages. It saves a lot of my time.

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Ravi Rathod

Marketing Manager


Best AI LinkedIn Message Generator

We prioritize quality over quantity by utilizing the best AI models available. Our focus is on delivering messages that resonate with your prospects’ unique needs and interests.

Best AI Models

We're using cutting-edge Al models to generate messages that speak directly to your prospects’ needs and interests.

Sounds Like a Human

Our messages are designed to sound like they were crafted by a human, fine-tuned with a focus on boosting conversion rates.

User Profile Analysis

We deeply analyze users’ profiles using several AI models that work cohesively to process data and yield the best results.

Linkedin AI Messages

MagicSales.AI is an essential tool for creating highly effective, personalized LinkedIn messages. Just by clicking a button in a Chrome extension, our AI analyzes a user's profile and generates a customized message that resonates, enhancing your sales prospecting and increasing conversion rates.

Linkedin AI Comments

AI Comments Assistant is a handy tool that helps you quickly write engaging comments on LinkedIn. With just one click, it suggests comment ideas in the tone you select. You can add keywords or give the AI specific instructions to make sure your comments are just right. This tool improves the quality of your comments and replies while saving you time, so you can focus on growing your professional network easily.


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