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Best AI Model

We use the most advanced AI model to generate messages that speak directly to your prospects' needs and interests.

No Fluff

Our messages sound as if they were written by a real human. You can choose length, tone, etc. to fine-tune the messages.

No Automation

Aligned with LinkedIn policies. Compliant communication without any risk to your account

AI Personalized Messaging

MagicSales.AI is an essential tool for creating highly effective, personalized LinkedIn messages. Just by clicking a button in a Chrome extension, our AI analyzes a user's profile and generates a customized message that resonates, enhancing your sales prospecting and increasing conversion rates.

AI Comments Assistant

AI Comments Assistant is a handy tool that helps you quickly write engaging comments on LinkedIn. With just one click, it suggests comment ideas in the tone you select. You can add keywords or give the AI specific instructions to make sure your comments are just right. This tool improves the quality of your comments and replies while saving you time, so you can focus on growing your professional network easily.
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Skyrocket Your Response Rate on LinkedIn

Unlock the full potential of your first interactions with prospects using MagicSales.AI. Our service specializes in generating compelling, personalized messages that grab attention and foster engagement right from the start. By analyzing both the sales representative's offerings and the potential client's profile, MagicSales.AI crafts messages that are not only relevant but also highly effective in converting initial contacts into active leads. Whether you are focusing on inbound or outbound marketing strategies, our platform enhances your outreach efforts, ensuring that every message resonates with its intended audience and maximizes your chances of conversion.

Grab Attention Instantly

Break through the noise with introduction messages that are instantly captivating. MagicSales.AI crafts your opening remarks based on the unique interests and needs of each prospect, ensuring your message stands out and encourages a response.

Maximize Engagement from the First Contact

Make a memorable first impression by delivering personalized messages that resonate deeply. Our AI analyzes both the sales rep's offer and the prospect's profile to create a message that aligns perfectly with their expectations and business objectives.

Drive Higher Conversion Rates

With messages tailored to each recipient, your chances of converting prospects into leads are significantly higher. MagicSales.AI ensures that every message is optimized for engagement, making it more likely that your initial contact leads to a fruitful conversation.

Optimize Outreach Efforts

Save time and increase efficiency by letting MagicSales.AI handle the creation of your introduction messages. Spend less time drafting and more time closing deals as our AI provides you with ready-to-send, customized content that hits the mark every time.


Each plan includes a free 7-day trial to test our service, and you can cancel anytime.


Perfect for individuals or small teams looking to improve their initial outreach efforts

$19 /month
  • 100 Messages per Month
  • 300 Comments per Month
  • 3 Free Rewrite per Message
  • Basic AI Customization
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Professional 👍

Designed for growing businesses and sales teams aiming to increase their conversion rates and build stronger relationships

$49 /month
  • 800 Messages per Month
  • 2500 Comments per Month
  • 3 Free Rewrites per Message
  • Advanced AI Customization
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Tailored for organizations and enterprises needing a comprehensive solution to maximize their outreach and engagement

$249 /month
  • 3000 Messages per Month
  • 10000 Comments per Month
  • 5 Free Rewrites per Message
  • Advanced AI Customization
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